Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog

I have been absent here for several reasons:

Some days I have little to say.
I have lots of other interests, such as performing music and watching films.
I have been posting short simple thought and comments on Facebook and in response to other blog posts.

I have been busy trying to understand the new technology. I have needed to learn a new tv, wireless bluray player, phone, mp3 player, tablet, and loading a sheet music app on the tablet. This is a major first world problem. I am thinking while doing all of this about the effect of all these changes on all of us.
I do not use Twitter. That would overload my ageing brain.

I continue to read and think about how we can speak of God today.

In the absence of the old God, I suspect that I will have more to say in weeks to come.

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