Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Roots of Music (according to Binky)

I found this cleaning out old music files.  (If you click on the pic, you can enlarge it.  Or copy and save the file you will have a pic that can be enlarged in, e.g., Windows Photo Gallery.)  Oddly, there is no classical, symphonic, concert band, marching band, or any kind of jazz in this family tree of music.  Otherwise, it seems quite accurate.

My teacher in River Forest IL, Shelly Yoelin, had a page from an old 1920's book showing the "development of music," growing ever more sophisticated in a classical vein.  A road led to a castle representing the highest and best music of all.  Jazz was represented as "the slough of despond" into which one fell if one left the classical road.

You will note that bagpipes are described as descended from pig squealing, and heavy metal from temper tantrums and venereal diseases.  How does Groening know all this stuff??

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jenhaley said...

I don't see techno or house on here -- it must fall under "random gunfire."