Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh, No! Another Blog!

Why, why, why?   Because I was a preacher and don’t get enough chances to speak out or teach.  Blogs were created for retired preachers.  Yup.  Unfortunately, a lot of those preachers, active or retired, are ridiculous religulous who preach hellfire, division, certainty, and other fundamentalist claptrap.  So I have to try to balance the field, with a few friends.  And of course –

“Be warned, that there is no end to the making of books, and much study simply tires us out.”
(Ecclesiastes or Qoheleth, translation from Such is Life by Lloyd Geering, about whom more will be said.)

1 comment:

John Shuck said...

Good for you! Glad to see you blogging! I look forward to reading!